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Atomhawk Design Ltd is a leading creative visualisation and digital art production company based in the North of England. We are a specialist in providing bespoke digital art and design in 2D, 3D and video media, across all interactive industries including film, games and online.

The company is built entirely around our key goal which is to provide a world class design and digital art production service, helping our customers to visualise their ideas and to present those ideas to the world in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

Our team is made up of only the most talented artists and designers, all of which are full time employees working out of our Gateshead studio. This means that unlike offshore outsourcing companies, we are able to work with the client in creative partnership ensuring the best possible results.

As a team we fully understand what it takes to compete in the entertainment and digital online sectors. Our clients need the most creative art and design work, executed to the highest standards possible in order to stay ahead of their competition. No small task.

Our services range from strictly following the clients exact direction to produce perfectly executed 2D/3D artwork, video production, story boards, GUI design and web content. Through to developing artistic vision ourselves. Creating art/design work, promotional assets and style guides on behalf of the client.

•Illustration, Concept art and production design

•Graphic design (branding and marketing)

•Online web graphical content (banners, flash videos etc)

•UI/Front end design (specialist in Flash UI development)

•Video production (Concept videos, pitch videos, trailers etc)

•Cinematic direction and storyboarding services

•3D modelling and rendering

•Art direction consultancy

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Dark Priestess Picture  (2d, fantasy, priestess, stock)Sub Zero Picture  (2d, mortal kombat, atomhawk, sub zero, fantasy)
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