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The Getaway Picture  (2d, illustration, car, ford, smoking, mustang, robbery, getaway, dice, money bag, clown mask, snake, tattoo, girl, woman)Robot in Love Picture  (2d, robot, love, rose, flower, girl, woman)
Rock the Casbah Picture  (2d, illustration, tattoo, rock, girl)We're going to San Francisco Picture  (2d, illustration, ship, bay, san francisco, golden gate, bridge, batavia)Mr. Chudderley's Shop of Curiosities Picture  (2d, illustration, skulls, desk, crocodile, toys, masks, curiosity shop, curiosities, swordfish, marlin, puffer fish, treasures, diving helmet)The Amazing Tattooed Lady Picture  (2d, illustration, skull, tattoos, circus, vintage, 1920s, smoking, lady, 20th century, girl, woman, portrait)